How I Wear My Topshop Beauty Lipgloss

I recently included the new Topshop beauty range within my Feb Faves and ever since I have worn the absolute HELL out of both lip products. I just had to make a post dedicated to these beautiful creations.

A look I have been obsessed with recently is the natural, glowy, glossy look ~ I secretly just like to pretend it’s summer. Therefore I thought i’d make a post on how I achieve the look with the absolute STAPLE, that is the Topshop lipgloss.


For the base I use the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser alongside the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer ~ Now THAT, is a match made in heaven, it gives you that perfect glow. I also use the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder to add in a slight contour to my massive round moon head and the Bobbi brown shimmer brick trio (an absolute favourite) in the apricot shade ALLLL over the face… yes, the shinier the better.


Eyes I have been leaving quite plain recently. However, I did add a slight shimmer to them for this look with the Tartlelette Toasted Palette ~ but I don’t think my Iphone 5 camera can handle any form of detail… Along with my STAPLE Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.


Finally, the best and most exciting part… I add 200 layers of Topshop beauty lipgloss in the shade Epaulette. Again, something my Iphone camera has failed to capture here… (Thanks apple, I love u)

I’m definitely NOT a makeup guru but I thought you’d enjoy to see something a bit different this week… And i’m not sure about you, but it definitely got me very hyped for summer.

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you’ve tried any of the beauty range and what you thought.

Head scarves & Statement earrings: My new obsession

Head scarves & Statement earrings: My new obsession

A combo i’ve absolutely been living for is head scarves and statement earrings. And I just had to share it with you.

I love love love dressing up an outfit with accessories and this is just the perfect way to make a bad hair day, fashionable.

I recently included these earrings in my Feb Faves and i’m obsessed. They were such a cheap buy from Primark and worth every penny. Go check out the post if you haven’t already!


The head scarves came in a 2 pack from H&M and i’m currently trying to restrain myself from purchasing all of the other 200 different designs they have in at the minute (no ~ it’s not going well). They have so many cute head bands/scarves/clips ~ I can’t get enough!

You should definitely go check out all of the cute hair accessories at H&M (HERE) because WOW

I think head scarves are SO sweet and instantly make any outfit 100x cuter ~ particularly when I wear them in a pony tail and embrace my 5 year old self again.

I hope you love these as much as I do as you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of them throughout all of Spring/Summer.

~ Thanks for reading

A snapshot of my trip to Manchester: What I did & My new favourite shop

A snapshot of my trip to Manchester: What I did & My new favourite shop

I recently spent a weekend in Manchester and thought i’d share with you a few of the snaps I took whilst I was there.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

This trip was over Valentines weekend ~ bit late on the upload I know… And I had such a fab time wandering around exploring. But, I’d be lying if I said the majority of the time wasn’t spent day/evening drinking… as you can see.


However we did manage to sober up enough to do a spot of shopping. Which, by the way, was insane… I couldn’t get over the size of all of the shops, it was like your average store + 5 floors.


However, BY FAR my favourite shop was one called OKLAHOMA. This was a new discovery for me and it took every ounce of strength in my body to resist spending literally all of my money here.

This shop had such a lovely independent feel ~ with lots of cool prints and things that you know you don’t need but definitely want anyway. From lamp shades and cutlery to childrens books and teapots ~ They had everything.

It even several of these glass cabinets full of  the most insane, funky, fun jewellery I have ever laid eyes on. I mean, LOOK at those earrings ~ to die for.

They even have a website (my bank account is quivering) ~

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Overall I had such a FAB weekend. Hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of my weekend away. Thanks for reading!

Feb Faves

Feb Faves

What have I been loving this month? Well here it is ~ My Feb Faves… I’m sure you’ve all been dying to know.

First up ~ Topshop lipsticks. I very recently bought my first ever Topshop beauty product, in the form of these Topshop lip glosses (late to the party as always..)

I’ve always been a lover of mac matte lipsticks and up until now have never seemed to stray too far from my trusty ‘velvet teddy’. However, i’ve finally managed to spark a bit of wild side within me and get myself a different brand!? (i’m reckless what can I say) And this lipstick doesn’t disappoint! The formula is fab as well as the colour, texture and price! So here it is in my February faves right where it belongs!! If you havent checked out Topshops beauty range ~ I suggest you do! The link is HERE

Next up, Primark. (Ok hear me out) For the longest time I have viewed Primark as one of those places that only sell printed shirts with #unicorn or #yolo written across them and inspirational quotes splattered on anything they could fit on. BUT after seeing a few new bits bought from different bloggers from Primark, I thought i’d pop in again (for the first time since practically 2013) and I must say, I was very impressed.

In primark I picked up these earrings. And I absolutely love them! Not only do I love these items ~ BUT THE PRICE. Can we take a minute to talk about the price… These gorge earrings added up to £6 IN TOTAL (Yes £3 EACH) ~ I’ve had coffees more expensive than that.

Another LOVE of mine this month has been this bag. I recently purchased this from New Look ~ of all places!

It’s the perfect size and just the basic staple piece I wanted. I always find myself struggling to find enough pockets to fit all of the 300 unnecessary things I take with me on a day out, and this bag will be just enough to carry all of my utter rubbish! (And it’s got a bit of tortoise shell ~ What more could you want?)

Finally, this month I have been loving this beauty.

Although this isn’t a new purchase, the second I see the slightest bit of sun I instantly grab the oranges and reds for my eyeshadow looks. (No i’m not sure why I do this either). But this palette has provided me with the perfect summery tones I wanted with fab pigment (and a fab mirror) ~ and for that reason it’s gained a place in the February faves.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Let me know your Feb Faves in the comments!

3 tips on what to do when University isn’t what you expected: Missing out and Loneliness?

3 tips on what to do when University isn’t what you expected: Missing out and Loneliness?

I’m currently in my first year of University and in all honestly i’m not enjoying it. Not only am I not enjoying it, but I seem to be the only one not enjoying it. Everywhere I look there are instagrams of everyone and their new friends, new circles of people and new lives and I feel like i’m really missing out on this infamous uni culture.

A little bit of back story:

So as I mentioned, I’m in my first year of University in York and the whole thing has been a big culture shock. I’m living at home and travelling to uni everyday. Not living in halls at uni was a conscious choice as I didn’t initially fancy the skint and living off baked beans life and although it looks like i’ve made a good decision in that respect, it’s pretty evident I have massively seemed to miss out on the social side.

Now, Although i’m not living away missing home and family… I’m missing out on a lot of socialising. I’ve never been someone in life to be without friends and I didn’t particularly know how to deal without them. I’m an outgoing and relatively confident person therefore have never struggled with making new friends or social situations. However since coming to university, I’ve massively struggled to make friends and form new friendships which, as you can imagine, makes life rather lonely.

I thought i’d put down 3 things i’ve learnt whilst dealing with this situation and if anyone else has any advice about this, please let me down below as ANY advice is wanted at this point (desperate or desperate?).

  1. Don’t get knocked down

I’ve been trying solidly since September to make friendships and find like minded people and although i’ve made some ‘acquaintances’ i’ve not formed any strong bonds despite a bloody lot of trying. Initially this hit me really hard and knocked me back, I no longer wanted to put myself out there and talk to new people because I felt I was the only one trying and everyone else had just magically made their new best friends. But as uni is going on, the more the cracks in all of these friendships start to appear. Stay positive and keep trying because I’m certain something or someone will come along at some point.

2.  Put yourself out there

Particularly in my case, I’ve found it really important to put myself out there into new situations. You wont meet new people unless you put yourself into a scenario where there are new people. Look at new clubs or societies you can join, sit somewhere new in the library or plonk yourself down next to a new person in a lecture ~ some small talk goes a long way!

3.  Make an effort

Probably the most scary but most important, make an effort with people. Reach out and ask if they fancy a coffee before lecture or a drink that evening ~ ANYTHING. Whats the worst that can happen? It’s a bit awkward? You’re not going to die. I’ve found that if you don’t try, you really wont get anywhere at all. 

* * * * * * * * * * *

So, although I might not have any life altering advice on how to change your university experience if it’s not what you wanted. All I can say is, hang in there and don’t feel alone because there are other people that are in the exact same position!

What was your university experience? Did you ever feel like this?

5 Things to do on a slow Sunday

5 Things to do on a slow Sunday

Yes, I am aware it’s Thursday today but I’m planning ahead! Today I thought i’d share with you 5 things you can do on a Sunday. Sundays for me are a very slow and relatively boring day… So i’ve put this blog post together incase you ever have a good Sunday (or any day for that matter) to yourself cooped up in your house and don’t know where to start!

A bit of maintenance

Ok lets get the boring one out of the way… This is a pretty obvious one, yet an important one none the less. On my days off I like to get lots of those little niggly bits that nag at me (yet I still always manage to put them off) done. Bits such as washing, hoovering, tidying & organising. All the really mundane, boring tasks that (top tip) become a bit more fun if you whack up the tunes ~ I’m currently still listening to the Mamma Mia – Here we go again soundtrack from Summer.

Baking (or Cooking)

A personal favourite… Grab yourself a whisk and make something yummy. I always thoroughly enjoy baking or cooking because not only do I find the process fun, but the whole scoffing your face bit afterwards makes it doubley fun. And what better day to make something delish to eat throughout the week to come!! (or just throughout the next few hours if you’re me ~ yikes)

Do a hobby ~ or find one

I am naturally a very creative person and therefore love the obvious drawing, painting and making. And I would say, that this is my hobby. I have recently discovered a FREE app on my mac that enables me to create the coolest prints and drawings ~ So if you’re  like me and love painting/being creative I highly recommend it (it’s called Tayasui Sketches)


Obviously, if you’re more exciting or athletic than me and have a hobby such as swimming or tennis (I always think tennis looks so fun) then spend time doing that.

Bath and Youtube

A potential dangerous one… There is nothing more relaxing for me than having a good bubble bath or watching a bit of youtube so recently i’ve been combining the two (I live life on the edge what can I say). Grab your laptop/phone, run a bath (preferably with bubbles or whats the point) and put a good film or youtube video on whilst you simmer away in the tub like a little bit of broccoli.

Online Shopping & A Cuppa

Finally, and definitely the most dangerous of the lot… Online shopping. I am absolutely 100% definitely completely well and truly guilty of spending a lot of my time online shopping. For me, there is nothing more thrilling than looking for outfits online (what an exciting life I lead). Yes the shops are fab for trying on and getting the perfect fit but what could be more brilliant than looking at 1000s of items from the comfort of my warm bed. Grab a cuppa (or hot chocolate if you’re me) get ASOS up and have a bloody good scroll.

I hope you got a few ideas from this little post, if not helpful for you ~ It definitely will be for me on my next day off!

Let me know your fave things to do on a Sunday in the comments!!!

Thanks for Reading!

My Night Time Routine: Self-care Sunday

My Night Time Routine: Self-care Sunday

For this Self-care Sunday I thought i’d share with you my night time routine. As part of self care and looking after myself, I think it is so important to get a good nights sleep. And my night time routine plays a huge part in how well I sleep that night.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Normally I start the night with a good bath ~ the more bubbles the better. NOTHING relaxes me more than a good bubble bath and what could be more lovely to come have on a cold February evening. (January is finally over WOO HOO) 

After I hop out of the bath I begin my skincare routine which starts with taking my makeup off! I have recently been using these exfoliating wipes by boots and I absolutely love them ~ they are quite harsh on your eyes though so be careful. I then wash my face using this Clinique face wash and spinning face brush which i’ve used it that much the name has rubbed off and I can’t remember where I bought it from… but there are lots similar on the market!

After, I cleanse my face with this red algae and coconut gel cleanser. I then dry my face and spritz a layer of this coconut water all over ~ Can you tell i’m obsessed with coconut scented things? To finish it all off I moisturise with a very lovely moisturiser by The Body Shop.

Next I hop in bed, but before I do this I like to make sure my bedroom is maximum cosiness. I turn off my big light and turn my lamps on to give my room a nicer ‘glow’. This one here is is actually a Himalayan salt lamp, not only is this lamp BEAUTIFUL but it actually has ‘soothing’ properties…

“The heated Salt Crystal emits negative ions. The naturally ionized air therefore creates a Soothing and Calming Affect which helps you sleep better at night, allowing you to wake refreshed”

 ~ these lamps are very popular at the minute and theres definitely a reason for it!

After this I tend to just hop in bed and watch some TV or Youtube depending on how i’m feeling. But tonight ‘Call the midwife’ is on, my absolute favourite programme that makes me feel so happy inside. So I will most definitely be cosied up watching that with a cup of tea!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I personally think it is so important to wind down after a long day before just hopping straight in bed after a busy day. What do you think?

My Favourite Outfits of The Month

My Favourite Outfits of The Month

We can all agree that January was one HELL of a month and not a lot greatness came out of it… unless you count these great new additions to my wardrobe

Here are the recent ‘going out’ outfits i’ve been wearing this month:

Skirt – Nasty gal

Cami top – H&M

Belt – H&M

Trousers – Nasty gal

So as you can see, this month i’ve been absolutely loving some of the stuff off Nasty gal… Although not always the BEST quality ~ It’s a very cheap alternative to some other fashion brands and they do have some fab stuff!

Organizing your life: Self-care Sundays

Organizing your life: Self-care Sundays

Even at the best of times, Im definitely not very organised.

I never know where anything is, Im always forgetting items and practically survive off a good to-do list (who doesn’t love a to-do list). But since starting to train to be a teacher, I really have been forced (yes literally forced) to become more organised.

One way I have managed this is by buying unnecessary amounts of stationary ~ I love a good bit of stationary. I thought i’d show you 3 of my new purchases that are going to hopefully help me in my quest to becoming a lot more organised.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In order to make my crucial to-do lists, I needed a notebook. But no, not just any old notebook ~ THESE BEAUTIES. In all seriousness, these notebooks are better looking than me (even on a good day) and I will cherish them with all my heart.

These notebooks to me are not only gorgeous but so useful! I carry one around in my bag and whenever I need to make a quick list or a quick note of something I need to remember, I whap out one of my handy notebooks and impress everyone with the organisation.

I have previously mentioned these before in my recent blog post here

As well as this I also purchased a daily planner, which, as you can see is also very beautiful. It has lots of useful little characteristics. A little column for your timetable, the date and goal for the day as well as a dedicated section for notes, to-do’s and projects!

All of these little bits were bought from the stationary section in Urban Outfitters. A place is not only wonderful but very dangerous for my bank account ~ search at your own risk…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This to me is not only organising my life but a bit of self-care as it helps me to feel happier within my busy head and also helps future milly out a lot.

Let me know your organisation tips down below ~ because trust me I need them.

The BEST Lush Bath Bomb Ever?: Self-care Sunday

The BEST Lush Bath Bomb Ever?: Self-care Sunday

Now for this Self-care Sunday I thought I would introduce to you (drumroll please) my new fave Lush Bath bomb…

Now this is the stereotypical self-care everyones been waiting for (probably not). What could be better than a relaxing ~ and very pretty ~ bath. Lush is obviously my favourite place to buy bath products (and everything else self-care related) from.

For Valentines Day Lush have brought out a new range. And if you haven’t checked it out yet ~ I definitely suggest you do.

As well as the peach and aubergine emoji inspired bath bombs (no i’m not joking) within the range, they have brought out ‘love boat‘ and it doesn’t disappoint.

Not only is this bath bomb prettier than anything i’ve seen BUT it is super good for your body too!! With Sicilian lemon oil to uplift and cleanse, Rose oil to balance and restore and Organic sweet orange oil to refresh and tone what more could you possibly want?

So this Sunday I thought i’d just nudge you all in the direction of the best bath bomb known to man ~ A bit dramatic but go with it ~

Turning your bath a beautiful purple colour and with little love hearts that lie in your bath once the bath bomb has dissolved, I definitely suggest you hint to your s/o about this bath bomb… Or if you’re like me, just buy it yourself  (how depressing)

Whats your favourite product from Lush? Have you tried the new range?

Go check it out guys:

Self-care Sunday: A new series

Self-care Sunday: A new series

As you can tell by the title, I’ve decided to start a new series!

It’s (very creatively) called Self-care Sunday and the plan is to post about something relating to self care every Sunday ~ I told you the name was creative. Due to self care being so popular at the minute I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and see if I could contribute something to this wonderful trend.

So this week, for the first week (woo), i’ve decided to write about a new cook book I recently bought. Not the most glam, luxurious self care you were probably expecting but personally I think this is more important than a good bath bomb ~ I can’t believe I just said that.

It is so important to not only look after your exterior but making sure your interior is just as healthy as your skin and appearance. Ensuring you’re putting the right things into your body is one way to start the self care on the inside.



* * * * * * * * * * *

To cook, you need a recipe… and the cook book i’m talking about is this (fabby) one: The Hungry Student – Vegetarian Cook book.

Now this book for me, is absolutely perfect. Both a student and vegetarian (mostly) it couldn’t be better.

I’m not a fan of meat at all so I definitely prefer to have veggie meals ~ but veggie meals that are easy and practical… I hate nothing more than a cookbook that gives you 50 stages and 500 ingredients just to make beans on toast.

This book definitely provides easy, simple AND vegetarian meals ~ and I promise less than 500 ingredients

And in todays society it is actually very important to eat less meat for the environment and planet ~ So I hope you all get on board.

The quick and simple recipes vary from Breakfasts to Puddings ~ BOTH very important things in my life…

And, as you can see, provides us students with important life lessons within cooking…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I hope you like the cookbook and it has inspired you to look after your insides a bit more (It’s important ladies and gentlemen). I also hope you like the look of the new series… Theres lots more to come!

Let me know your favourite Veggie Recipe and what you think of the new series below! I’d love to hear what you have to say